Tile & Grout

Tile is usually found in kitchen areas where messes are more easily made, but often times much more difficult to clean up. Sweeping is the most common way to maintain tidy floors, but sometimes dirt buildup over time finds its way onto the textured surfaces and tiny crevices that even a mop cannot reach. Or maybe spills have stained the grout lines. A surefire way to have your tile and grout sparkling like new is to have it power blasted with super hot water and the right tools only a professional cleaner can provide!

  1. Pre-spray with appropriate conditioner designed specifically for tile and grout lines
  2. Manually scrub grout lines with a grout brush to agitate dirt from grout
  3. Manually scrub tiles with a deck brush to break loose trapped soils in textured surfaces
  4. Power wash with a special hard surface tool that assures no mess and ultimate drying with super hot water
  5. Allow for grout to dry and enjoy a tile floor looking brand new again for hundreds of dollars less!

Please call for pricing.