• How long will my carpet take to dry?

    Dry time can vary depending on several common factors such as humidity levels, air circulation, and even the type of carpet you have will be a variable that can increase or reduce the dry time, but on most occasions a good rule of thumb to go by is 2-4 hours dry time in the summer and 3-5 hours dry time in the winter months.

  • Will having my carpets cleaned too often reduce the life and cause them to wear out?

    No, this is a misconception made as an assumption and perceived as common knowledge. As a matter of fact frequent carpet cleaning will do no less than prolong the life you your carpet, making them brighter, fluffier, and cleaner. Small dirt and sand particles ,that household vacuums simply don’t have the power to pull out, make their way deep into the fibers and build up over time; cutting and breaking down the fabrics as your feet twist and turn while walking. Most believe that cleaning their carpets more than once a year is silly, but in all actuality, the more you clean, the more your save. Your carpets are one of the biggest investments in your home, taking care of them is not only a great way to rid your home of unseen bacteria, but less of a hassle than replacing your carpet and less expensive as well!

  • Why choose steam vs. dry?

    The Institute of Inspection of Carpet and Rug Cleaners and the world’s top manufacturers of carpets suggest that carpets be professionally cleaned with truck mount hot water/steam deep cleaning as carpet is designed to be cleaned in this fashion. They clean easier with a higher success rate to make your carpets have a longer life. Other methods such as dry cleaning can leave behind residual chemicals that simply cannot remove deep soiled deposits.

  • I had my carpets cleaned by other companies and some spots came back, why?

    Doing a “walk-though” with the customer is important for several reasons. We do it to get a look at what we will be cleaning for you and talk to you about areas of more concern. Being knowledgeable about certain spots is gravely important to cleaning. After all, every spot is different and requires unique cleaning techniques and special attention depending on what it is and how long its been there. For instance, a heavy traffic area can sometimes resemble a soda spill. Heavy traffic is a build-up of dirt and wear over time and will not return. Soda, being a liquid, can seep beneath the carpet and into the padding. Cleaning with too much water pressure and/or not drying properly can cause that spot to wick up though the fibers and later, return. This is where the relationship and communication with the customer becomes very important to us!

  • I have pet stains, can you get them out?

    Here at Tulsa Steam Team we are about trust and honesty and instead of saying yes to everything, we are going to tell you something probably no other carpet cleaners will. Yes, we can get pet stains out, but we will not guarantee it 100% of the time as this would be false. Nobody can guarantee it every time. Reason being that every pet is different (dogs, cats) with different diets and age. Pet fluids can be loaded with ammonia and/or electrolytes and many other factors you simply won’t have when dealing with rust, grease, dirt, paint, ect. that can permanently dye the color of your carpets’ fabric.

  • What is ScotchGuard and why is it important?

    Scotchguard is a protector that is not only applied when your carpet is made at the manufacturer, but also suggested to be applied after every professional clean by the national carpet and rug institute. Sctochguard, also known as Teflon, is a product made by Dupont and manufactured by PROCHEM. It helps to prevent spills, spots, oils, and pet accidents from absorbing deep into the fibers and allows them to bead up on top of the carpet pile, much like water beads up in a Teflon coated pan.

  • Can you get rust out of carpet?

    We will keep this short and sweet. As opposed to pet stains, rust will come completely out on ALMOST every occasion. Depending on the severity, it is a 99% success!

  • Can you get bleach out of my carpet?

    Believe it or not, this is a frequently asked question and that is why it is posted here, but the answer is no. Bleach cannot and will not come out, nor will it even come out just a little bit. When carpet is bleached, there is nothing to extract from it. Bleach literally eliminates pigmentation completely. But if you think there is no way to fix this problem, think again. We offer repair work and bleach spots can be patched in minutes and gone forever! If you have questions about patchwork feel free to ask or look at our repair work page on this site!

  • I have berber carpet and seams are being pulled up by my vacuum cleaner. Can they be fixed?

    The answer to this question is absolutely. Wherever there is a repair problem, we have the tools and knowledge to get you fixed up! This is a common problem when people have a low level loop carpet, also referred to as burber. They have a small strand of carpet peeking up from all the others, and when the vacuum goes over it, zzzzzziiiiiiiipppppp!!!! There it goes. The whole strand is pulled out leaving the carpet with an obvious bald strip right in plain sight. No worries though. We know these as “seam repairs”. Low level loop carpets are woven with a loom machine where one strand will thread the entire length of the carpet. Giving it a neat woven look but, an unfortunate outcome against the homes of many vacuum cleaners. This is a simple repair that can be put back together and looking good as new by yours truly!